Scott Davis Jones, Katina Desmond, Lola Ramona, Hatice Guleryuz, Notio, Jim Keville, Brian Jones, Kimberly Zumpfe, Galia Linn, Vincent Tomczyk, Art Weeks, Daphne Hill, Lynne McDaniel, Linda Price, Steve Seleska, Toby Davis, Max Aichinger, Sarah Danays, Sam Senack, Mike Mollett, Joe Merrell, Elyse Graham, Larry Villarin, Gerit Grimm, Gary Frederick Brown

Juried by Simmy Swinder

September 9 - October 7, 2011
Opening reception: Friday, September 9, 6 -9 PM

LAAA / Gallery 825
825 N. La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles 90069

Los Angeles Art Association proudly presents Supersense, an all-media exploration of tactile fetishism in contemporary art practice. Juried by Simmy Swinder, Director of Carmichael Gallery, show opens at Gallery 825 on September 9, 2011 (runs through Oct. 7). In addition to Supersense, artists Jillian Kogan, Jason Lockyer and Julia Strickler will be featured in solo exhibitions.

The artistic reinterpretation of flags challenges the viewer to demystify their iconography and alter their symbolic perceptions in hopes of offering new and contemporary points of view. The subject matter and concept for Jillian Kogan's solo show 'American Iconomics: Stars & Stripes' stems from the artist's fascination with the "contemporary icon" and its power to seduce us by waving its own conceived image. America's mania with money, obsession with celebrity, and the ubiquitousness of pop cul­ture branding prompted Kogan to reconstruct the world's most omnipresent U.S. trademark into an objectified representation of art as commerce.

Jason Lockyer's installation, 'Here We Are,' is not simply an investigation into the natural world around us, he is taunting you to participate in that world. As Hugh Raffles said, "There are other worlds around us. Too often we pass through them unseeing, contained by the limits of our senses and the banality of our imaginations." Lockyer challenges us by forcing us to examine the nature that envelops us on a daily basis in a way that can't be ignored. Using discarded refuse materials, an exaggerated scale and video projection, Lockyer creates a temporary world where bug is king.

Julia Strickler's new work, 'The Garden,' conveys the surreal and incredible diversity of the Medical Marijuana plant and explores what cannabis actually is and looks like without the tired clichés surrounding it. Strickler's fascination with the macro and micro brings us into worlds that we would never otherwise visit, changing our perception of the subject. Strickler seeks to go beyond the legalization debate and hopes to start a new conversation about this extraordinary plant.

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